80% Of Deere Dealers Report Lost Revenue Due To Strike In Farm Equipment Magazine Poll


A recent poll from Farm Equipment found that 93% of Deere dealers forecast some degree of aftermarket revenue loss should the strike continue through the end of the year.

The poll also asked Deere dealers about the current impact on their parts and service revenue since the strike began, their orders with independent parts suppliers and how the strike impacts their equipment orders from shortlines.

Some of the highlights showed:

• Exactly 80% of Deere dealers reported some impact on their parts and service revenue opportunities since the strike began

• Over 90% forecast a negative impact on aftermarket revenues should the strike continue through 2021

• Almost 60% have increased orders with independent aftermarket parts suppliers

• Almost 80% are forecasting declining wholegoods revenue on new John Deere equipment in 2022

• Almost half of surveyed Deere dealers are considering new wholegoods orders from shortlines in anticipation of further delays from Deere

• Some 47.6% believe Deere has made a good faith effort to resolve the strike, while 15.9% believe UAW workers deserve what they’re asking for

Below is a breakdown of Deere dealers’ response to 6 questions they were asked.

Since the Strike Began, How Much Parts & Service Revenue Opportunity Have You Lost Due to a Lack of Parts Inventory?

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