Ace Pumps Adds New PWM Pumps To Its Growing Product Line


Source: Ace Pumps news release

Ace Pump Corporation recently announced the addition of six new pulse-width modulated (PWM) pumps to its growing product line. The new models include four equipped with Ace Pump’s Oasis WetSeal Technology for superior protection against run-dry pump failure.

“These additions to our PWM product line provide higher flow and pressure capabilities coupled with the reliability of our MAX Series and the Oasis WetSeal Technology for the most demanding applications,” noted Andy Randle, CEO of Ace Pump Corporation.

The new models are designed for use on closed-center hydraulic systems. The pump- and-valve combination is matched for quick-response rate changes with constant or variable rate applications. Additionally, the controller and valve adjust automatically for changes in flow demand, application rate or application speed.
Features and specifications of the new PWM pumps include:

• A 12V proportional valve with industry standard Deutsch DT04-2P connector
• Compatibility with most PWM controllers
• Proportional manual override for emergency situations or troubleshooting
• Integrated valve design that simplifies mounting by eliminating the need
for a separate valve manifold and additional hoses

For more information about the new PWM pumps and the complete Ace Pump product line, please visit


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