Acres Releases Inaugural Heartland Report Showing 37,000 Farmland Sales


Acres, the data-driven land research platform, launched the most exhaustive transaction-based report on farmland values and trends in the Heartland available today. Compiled by Acres director of data science Dr. Aaron Shew and the team at Acres, this analysis leveraged over 37,000 observed high-quality farmland sales spanning land transactions recorded from Q1 2020 – Q2 2023 with a spotlight on farmland values in the pivotal Corn Belt Region. Despite the scarcity of land resources, demand for food, fuel, and fiber is increasing, along with the global population. Acres’ aim is to provide transparency to the rural land industry and therefore provide support for more informed decision making.

Offering a unique perspective from other farmland value reports or USDA surveys, the Heartland report data is drawn from Acres’ expansive and proprietary rural property sales database, the first of its kind, encapsulating both a regional perspective and diving deep into the nuances of state-level land value shifts, including price per tillable acre, price per soil productivity and USDA crop reporting district breakdowns.

Download the full report here:

“This is likely the most comprehensive analysis of farmland values based on real transactions that have ever been done in the Midwest, and we combine those transactions with important regional productivity information to create a really unique farmland values analysis,” says Acres Data Science Director Dr. Aaron Shew.

Across the analysis time period, the Midwest witnessed strong trends year over year, which aligns USDA long term land appreciation figures and estimates. Core Heartland areas have seen substantial growth in the past few years, which has also bolstered surrounding areas to a degree with positive farm balance sheets as a contributing factor.

Key Highlights Include:

In-Depth Regional Analysis: A nuanced look at farmland soil productivity classes, focusing on Class A to C soils.
State-Centric Benchmarks: Both overarching state benchmarks and state-centric dissections and analysis across productivity classes, including Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Minnesota, Nebraska, Missouri, Ohio, and Wisconsin.
Industry Leading Data: Sourced from Acres’ unmatched farmland sales archive, encompassing auctions, public listings, and courthouse-documented sales.
Volume and Acreage Sold: The volume of farmland transactions and the total acreage sold across the Heartland states include seasonality of transactions.
Mapping of Values: A price per tillable acre heat map across crop reporting districts, offering a visual representation of market performance.
About Acres

Acres is a geospatial land research platform designed to improve land management and purchasing decisions. Using public and private market data, Acres aggregates and analyzes over 150 million parcels of land to enable users to better understand and maximize the value of their property. By providing access to a large and accurate compilation of land data, comparable sales, and parcel-level insights, Acres is designed to support fast, informed decision making. Acres is a subsidiary of AcreTrader, a land investment and technology company whose mission is to empower customers with advanced technology, data and expertise. Visit to learn more.