ADAMA’s Max-Ace Herbicide Tolerance Technology For Rice Approved By Canadian Health Agency


The Max-Ace Cropping Solution with Highcard released by RiceTec and ADAMA has officially received approval by the Canadian Health Agency’s Feed and Food Divisions for commercial use. This authorization now allows for unrestricted planting of and harvesting of Max-Ace rice products.

This herbicide tolerant technology with Highcard herbicide gives rice growers an excellent tool for weed control, high-yield, a rice rotation alternative to the FullPage Rice Cropping Solution and conventional offerings from RiceTec. Max-Ace with Highcard is now available for the 2022 growing season with two primary Max-Ace products being released: RTv7231 MA and RT7331 MA.

“Demo fields of Max-Ace in the 2021 season showed high potential for yield,” said Mason Wallace , RiceTec Technical Service Manager. “With yield advantages ranging from 31% to 49%, growers have been pleased with the performance of Max-Ace with Highcard as a profitable crop and technology rotational tool.”

The Max-Ace technology takes advantage of a unique, non-GMO trait that gives the rice enhanced tolerance to the Highcard herbicide. Highcard features a proprietary safener which grants enhanced tolerance to Max-Ace rice while providing excellent postemergence control of a broad spectrum of difficult to control grass weeds including red and weedy rice and IMI-resistant weeds.

“Herbicide performance in this year’s field plots has demonstrated that Highcard provided crop safety and effective weed control in Max-Acre rice,” said Dave Feist, ADAMA US Product Strategy Leader. “We are excited to be bringing this new proprietary safened herbicide to market alongside RiceTec.”

To meet stewardship requirements and maximize the effectiveness and longevity of this technology for rice growers, Highcard needs to be applied sequentially both early (2-leaf or later) and before panicle initiation.

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