Advanced Biological Marketing Launches New Product To Seed Treatment Industry – GroFlo


Advanced Biological Marketing (ABM) is excited to announce their newest product launch to the seed treatment industry – GroFlo. The GroFlo product, which will be available in early 2021, puts a color, polymer and nutrient all in the same jug. This new concept for seed treatment brings together all the benefits of a colorant and polymer with the addition of nutrients to get seeds off to a great start.

Powered by ABM’s Excellorate
GroFlo provides superior color with outstanding flowability and singulation. In addition, it reduces dust off, seed bridging and stickiness, and is powered by ABM’s seed treatment nutrient package, Excellorate. Excellorate has been shown to help enhance seedling vigor and early stand establishment, resulting in increased yields and biological activity.

Dan Custis, President and CEO at ABM, states, “We heard our customers telling us they needed an all-in-one solution for a product like this. It is truly unique and, to the best of my knowledge, a first in the industry. GroFlo is a biologically-friendly product which is extremely important to a company like ours.”

Get Up and Grow with GroFlo and Excellorate
Excellorate, which is used in the new GroFlo product, provides an extra source of essential biological factors needed to help overcome stresses during germination, emergence and early plant growth. It assists the plant with strong “up and out of the ground” performance, as well as during in-season growth. When combined with live products, it enhances the overall biological product performance. Excellorate is used on a wide range of plants including, but not limited to, row crops and cereals.

The new GroFlo product will be available in early 2021 and is currently available in red. The use rate is 1.25 fluid ounces per 140k unit of seed. It is packaged in 2.5 gallon jugs.

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