Ag Leader Launches SureSpeed Planting System


Today, Ag Leader stated its high-speed, high-accuracy planting system SureSpeed, is available to order through its dealer network. The company announced the addition of the planting system to its full-farm suite of precision products in February of this year.

Sure At Any Speed
The SureSpeed planting system was created with accuracy of seed placement in mind at all speeds from 3 to 12 mph. Many factors can influence planting speed, and when conditions are right to speed up, farmers don’t want to be limited by their ability to accurately place seeds in the ground. The system is designed to accommodate the need of the farmer at any speed without giving up proper seed placement.

“Growing farm sizes and tight planting windows are driving the need for farmers to get more acres planted when conditions are fit to plant. Using a traditional meter and gravity drop tube at high speeds sacrifices seed spacing, which is a critical factor in maximizing yields,” said Bob Heston, Ag Leader product manager. “That’s why it is imperative that SureSpeed places seed just as accurately at 12 mph as it does at 3 mph, allowing farmers to plant at any speed without compromising singulation or spacing accuracy.”

Engineered for Accuracy
Every detail of the SureSpeed system was designed to account for superior accuracy at any speed. Unique meter orientation on the row unit allows seed to move seamlessly between the meter and delivery system resulting in accurate seed placement. Additionally, the meter was designed to handle a variety of seed shapes and sizes accurately and without singulator adjustments for hassle-free planting.

Paired with Ag Leader’s hydraulic down force solution, SureForce, the system provides the highest available force capacity on the market to maintain consistent ground contact and smooth row unit ride with increasing speed in varying conditions.

Industry-leading Display
Ag Leader’s SureSpeed planting system is controlled by Ag Leader’s industry-leading display, InCommand 1200. The InCommand 1200 display provides a window into your planter to view individual row detail with side-by-side planting performance maps. Additionally, InCommand displays help farmers stay connected by instantly sharing live maps, autoswath coverage, guidance lines and more to other displays. View live or historical field maps and summaries from your phone or tablet anytime, anywhere.

Order Now Through Ag Leader’s Dealer Network
The SureSpeed planting system can be ordered through Ag Leader’s global dealer network for delivery in November 2020. To identify your local dealer, visit