Ag Leader Releases New Enhancements To Its Guidance Equipment


Today, Ag Leader announced enhancements to InCommand displays and its launch of guidance and steering products designed and built in-house to its year-round precision farming line-up.

New to the SteerCommand family of guidance and steering products are SteerCommand Z2 automated steering and SteadySteer assisted steering. Both are designed to provide reliable pass-to-pass autosteer capability and integrate seamlessly with InCommand displays providing the user with a common experience across
all operations.

“Through our year-round and connected InCommand display, our goal is to provide growers with one common user interface that does it all – steers the tractor and connects and controls the other machines across the farm such as the planter, combine, etc. – and regardless of the age or brand of the equipment,” stated Luke Call, Product Manager.

InCommand displays offer year-round functionality and connect every device and operation across the farm. Recent enhancements to the display user interface include automating manual tasks that eat up precious time. InCommand now supports one-time vehicle profile setup shared across all connected displays, calibrate and autodetect orientation and fine-tune parameters from the run screen.

Additionally, the new steering hardware components were designed for easy transfer between machines including a detachable motor drive unit. The system is also upgradable to meet growers evolving needs across various equipment and accuracy levels making going from an entry level guidance system up to an advanced autosteer system economical when the time is right.

“Growers are bringing autosteer technology into every operation. It’s now a must-have versus a nice-to-have for many farms so the display and steering system need to work together seamlessly, be portable and easily plug-and-play between different machines across the farm,” he added.

Growers can configure a right-fit technology solution at or talk to a local independent dealer.