AGCO Unveils Prototypes Of Autonomous, EV And Other New Technology Equipment


At a recent field day hosted in Kentucky, AGCO showcased its latest machinery and technology, including several prototypes.

Many of the machines still be developed highlight AGCO’s stated goal of providing autonomous solutions for every season in crop production by 2030.

Autonomous Grain Cart

Selective Spraying With Symphony Vision

In the next one to two years, AGCO will be introducing Symphony Vision via its Precision Planting aftermarket channels. The goal of the equipment is to intelligently apply (spot spray) the right rate of herbicide and only where needed by using machinery learning and artificial intelligence.

The company says early beta tests of the targeting spraying system have shown a 77% reduction in post application of herbicides.

As an example, a herbicide program with Symphony Vision pre-plant applies to 25% of the field, first post application applies to 35% of the field; and second post application applies to 15% of the field. Whereas a traditional herbicide program would cost $51/acre; Symphony Vision could reduce input costs to $20.25/acre-saving more than $30/acre. f

Precision Planting aims to have vision-based systems for all self-propelled sprayer platforms as well as a pull-type sprayers.

Engineers say the system is a green-on-green solution that is being built to identify crop vs. weed vs. residue as well as weed height. Priority crops are corn, soybeans and cotton with other row crops in development.

This system will likely be commercialized around the same time as One Smart Spray, which has commercialization support from AGCO as well

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