AGI SureTrack Launches Mobile App For Agriculture


AGI SureTrack released a mobile application, for iOS and Android, that enables seed selection, production, marketing and bookkeeping from the palm of your hand. Anyone in the business of Farming can download this independent app for immediate access to the markets tool. With supporting hardware, the application offers equipment data collection, bin monitoring, automated grain conditioning, and field data analysis via soil probes and weather stations.

“The SureTrack platform has always been available on mobile as a responsive program. This application improves performance for our hand-held users,” says Robin Walters, AGI SureTrack Marketing Director. “In addition to app specific integration, we’ve added a feature that allows users to customize their graphic experience. If a grower is monitoring their production data by the 3D facility model, then graphic settings can be changed to improve load time or display quality based on preference.”

This mobile app release occurs on the heels of the AGI SureTrack 2.0 launch-a faster, more inclusive, platform experience for growers, producers, buyers, ag retailers, and processors.

AGI Suretrack is an independent hardware and software platform created to serve the agricultural industry. Data collected through IoT enabled devices and sensor technology, strategically placed across the farm or production operation, compiles in SureTrack and translates into opportunities to increase profitability. AGI SureTrack is a brand of Toronto-based AGI, a global company with a mission to supply the world’s food infrastructure.