Agrinos’ iNvigorate Biological Is First Liquid Formulation To Join AMVAC’s SIMPAS-applied Solutions


AMVAC is pleased to announce that its iNvigorate Biological is the first liquid product to be made available for application using the SIMPAS system on corn and soybeans.

iNvigorate – developed by Agrinos, now an American Vanguard Company – is part of AMVAC’s expanding line of biological and Green Solutions products. iNvigorate creates a highly productive microbial community when applied to the soil, assisting in nutrient uptake, improving fertilizer efficiency and optimizing root growth.

iNvigorate is the latest addition to a growing portfolio of SIMPAS-applied Solutions (SaS), which are solutions – both granular and liquid – prescriptively applied with patented SmartCartridge container technology to address unique agronomic needs. SIMPAS enables farmers to precisely apply rates of crop inputs that their trusted advisor prescribes, by management zone. Multiple SaS products including insecticides, fungicides, nematicides, and micronutrients are delivered simultaneously in-furrow during planting using SIMPAS equipment available through select Trimble dealers.

The current SaS SmartCartridge portfolio also includes five granular products: AZTEC HC SmartCartridge Insecticide; COUNTER 20G SmartCartridge Insecticide / Nematicide; Force 10G HL SmartCartridge Insecticide; and ZINC Micronutrient SmartCartridge along with MicroSync IronCladIDC micronutrient, both in relationship with Verdesian Life Sciences.

“iNvigorate optimizes root growth to boost plant access to and absorption of available nutrients,” said Jim Lappin, Director of SIMPAS Portfolio and Alliances at AMVAC. “iNvigorate is a proprietary consortium of microbes that growers will be able to target to challenged areas of their fields to mitigate plant stress and improve soil health. Now combined with the prescriptive application capabilities of SIMPAS and a growing SIMPAS-applied Solutions portfolio, growers will have more options as AMVAC brings both granular and liquid solutions into the SaS portfolio. iNvigorate SmartCartridge is poised to play an important role in the vitality and vigor of a corn or soybean farmer’s soil.”