American Soybean Association CEO On New Administration, Congress’ Top Ag Priorities


Heading into 2021, the American Soybean Association is focusing on policy priorities with a new administration and Congress.

Top policy priorities will be COVID response and an infrastructure package. “I think infrastructure is going to be high on the list for the incoming administration and I think there’s support in Congress,” said Steve Censky, CEO, ASA.

“Obviously, a carve out for rural America makes sense. Broadband will be at the top of a list as part of the infrastructure package.”

Then, it’s trade. Keeping the current trade agreements moving forward, like the U.S. and China phase one deal and U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement, will be important.

“Eventually, let’s look at expanding new free trade agreements.” said Censky. “Another big focus of the administration will be climate change. We want to be part of that conversation, but we need to make sure the solutions proposed actually work for farmers.”