AMVAC Launches Impact Core Herbicide For Corn


As corn farmers and ag retailers approach the 2021 growing season, weed resistance will continue to be a top concern. AMVAC’s latest herbicide Impact Core, a postemergence herbicide introduced for the 2021 growing season, provides corn growers a new tool in the fight against resistant weeds and grasses.

Impact Core is formulated with the proven takedown power of Impact Herbicide, and an industry-leading level of acetochlor, to control herbicide-resistant weeds and grasses such as waterhemp, Palmer amaranth and giant ragweed. Its novel formulation provides long-lasting product stability that delivers control across a wide range of field conditions.

Impact Core provides control across a range of weed densities as an early postemergence application following a planned preplant or preemergence application. It also gives reliable control when wet conditions prevent a timely preplant or preemergence application. Impact Core is Strong to the Core.
“Every corn farmer is going to have unique challenges in the field, whether it’s fighting a range of weed species or being challenged by adverse application conditions,” said Nathaniel Quinn, AMVAC Marketing Manager for Corn, Soybeans and Sugar Beets. “Impact Core offers flexible application that provides control of emerged grass and broadleaf weeds with punishing takedown and lasting residual.”

In addition to Impact Core, AMVAC has a full portfolio of corn herbicides to help address weed resistance, including Sinate Herbicide (also new in 2021) and Impact Herbicide, which received federal EPA approval that allows expanded control of several weeds and extends Impact’s flexibility to more application situations. For more information on AMVAC’s corn herbicide portfolio, visit