Arva Intelligence Partners With Planet To Offer High Resolution Satellite Crop Imaging


Arva Intelligence is pleased to announce it has integrated Planet imagery into their CropForce data analytics platform. With the availability of Planet data in CropForce, growers and agricultural suppliers can now analyze fields in real time to track crop health, guide scouting, and respond quickly to potential issues.

“We are pleased to offer our clients access to Planet’s global, high-cadence satellite imagery. With CropForce, our clients can now aggregate multiple data sets, get imaging on the fly, and select an individual field or the whole operation with a click of a mouse,” says Matt Rohlik, Managing Director of Sales at Arva.

“We’ve watched Arva take predictive AI from the lab to the field and are excited to partner with them as they scale their work with leading agricultural manufacturers and suppliers,” says Zara Khan, Director of Business Development at Planet. “Together, we believe our work will promote more sustainable agriculture practices, and we’re eager to get started.”

“Our mission is to provide a single platform for accessing data and analytics to create more profitable and sustainable crop plans,” says Jay McEntire, Arva’s CEO. “Planet offers an important data layer to our AI platform and will advance our research in predicting soil carbon for our Arva Carbon Ready and Carbon Plus programs.”

To learn more about Arva Intelligence’s in-season imaging or Carbon Ready Program, visit the website at or contact Matt Rohlik at

About Arva Intelligence
Arva Intelligence is an agriculture technology company that partners with farmers, suppliers, and manufactures to augment their ability to make the best decisions for their land and maximize the value between environmental stewardship and economic profit. Using cutting-edge machine learning and artificial intelligence, Arva leverages field data to improve yield, lower cost, reduce risk, and achieve sustainability goals for farmers. For more information, visit

About Planet
Planet was founded with the mission to image the Earth every day and make change visible, accessible, and actionable. Over the past decade with our customers, Planet has revolutionized the Earth observation industry, democratizing access to satellite data beyond the traditional agriculture and defense sectors. To that end, Planet provides the leading web-geo platform with the highest frequency satellite data available and foundational analytics to derive insights, empowering users across the world to make impactful, timely decisions. Businesses, governments, and research institutions leverage Planet’s data and platform to scale their operations, increase efficiency and mitigate risk, and develop novel solutions to address their most pressing challenges. This helps them stay ahead in ever-changing global contexts and ultimately capture unforeseen windows of opportunity. For more information, visit