BASF And NRGene Collaborate To Accelerate Crop Breeding

Sojabohnenkeimlinge werden für die gentechnische Transformation mithilfe sogenannter Agrobakterien vorbereitet. Um die Zellen freizulegen, die für den DNA-Transfer gedacht sind, werden ein Keimblatt und die ersten Blättchen entfernt. Die Sojastückchen werden in eine Lösung mit Agrobakterien getaucht. Dabei handelt es sich um gewöhnliche Bodenbakterien, die die Fähigkeit besitzen, Gene in die Erbinformation einer Pflanze zu übertragen. Auf diese Weise können sie gewünschte Pflanzeneigenschaften wie etwa Krankheitsresistenz in die Sojabohnen übertragen.

Limburgerhof, Germany and Ness Ziona, Israel – BASF and NRGene today announced a research collaboration that includes the adoption of NRGene’s cloud-based artificial intelligence (AI) technology into BASF soybean research projects. The GenoMAGIC technology will allow for more comprehensive evaluations to accelerate trait discovery and breeding across diverse crops.

“This collaboration will explore the power of digitalization to improve and accelerate agricultural research, and aligns with our soybean crop system strategy,” said Rick Turner, Senior Vice President Seeds & Traits in BASF’s Agricultural Solutions division. “BASF and NRGene are both focused on developing and delivering technologies to support farmers to grow better harvests, protect their crops and deliver more to society in the face of mounting environmental challenges.”

NRGene’s advanced multi-purpose breeding platform is a cloud-based solution for managing the full genomic diversity of species. It can analyze unlimited volumes of genomic data, enabling scientists and breeders to easily relate genomic sequences with beneficial traits, making genomic selection and trait mapping much more productive. Data use is accelerated, making breeding both faster and more cost effective.

“BASF remains committed to providing farmers with the most productive seeds and deploying best-in-class technologies to help unlock their genetic potential,” said Rene van Schaik, Head of Seeds Technologies & Analytics at BASF. “Our focus on data allows us to make better breeding decisions than ever before, and with GenoMAGIC, we expect to provide our research teams with a more comprehensive view to improve their analyses and decisions.”

“We are excited to commence this journey with BASF in soybean,” said Dr. Gil Ronen, NRGene’s CEO. “Over the years, we have accumulated a vast amount of data as well as specific competences in soy, which will add value in the collaboration with BASF to make their breeding more productive and efficient.”


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