BASF Five-Foot Signs Remind Corn Growers It’s Time To Treat


Farmers know the old adage ‘knee-high by the fourth of July’ is an outdated measurement for this time of year. Instead, corn growers are saying: ‘five feet – ready to treat.’

Mini plot billboards are sprouting up across the Midwest reminding growers that Veltyma fungicide from BASF offers a wider application window than comparable fungicides, providing greater flexibility for applicators and the chance to be in front of all the potential stressors of any given season.

The best time to apply starts two weeks prior to tassel in growth stages V16-R3, with an extended application window of V10-V16.BASF Agricultural Solutions specialists are continually on the move, consulting with growers and scouting field conditions, and are available to provide commentary on this year’s crop and innovation solutions to a variety of pressures.

Fungicide decisions will be different for every grower, based on their unique needs and conditions. provides localized data on Veltyma fungicide performance.Editor’s note:

Please contact Erin Hilke-Wicker, VMLY&R for BASF Agricultural Solutions at or (320) 310-2155 to connect with a BASF specialist for news and commentary on current conditions.