BASF Introduces New Solutions For Soybean Growers

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BASF is strengthening its soybean seed treatment portfolio with the introduction of three new products: Vault IP Plus seed treatment, Poncho XC seed treatment and Relenya seed treatment, all recently registered by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).  These products are now commercially available through local retailers for use in the 2021 soybean growing season.

“Our enhanced soybean seed treatment portfolio offers growers a strong start to their growing season,” said Melissa Chu, Product Manager, Seed Treatments. “Now with a complete lineup of seed treatment solutions BASF provides premium protection from early-season insects and diseases, along with nitrogen fixation to help maximize their seed investment.”

Inoculate and Protect for Higher Yields
Vault IP Plus seed treatment is the new standard to inoculate and protect soybean seed. To maximize yield potential, soybean crops require a lot of nitrogen and up to 60 percent comes from beneficial rhizobia bacteria. Inoculating a soybean seed with healthy, active rhizobia to maximize the nodulation process reduces the risk of plants not having enough nitrogen. Annual inoculation from Vault IP Plus is beneficial to soybean fields planted early, in wet and dry soils where native rhizobia may die-off or be less effective.

Plus, the seed treatment’s dual biofungicide component provides effective protection against soil borne diseases including Fusarium and Rhizoctonia – two major fungal pathogens causing root rot. This added protection works alongside base fungicides to give soybeans an extended period of protection from fungal diseases, right from the start.

Vault IP Plus is also designed with the lowest application rate in the category leaving room for other treatments and 40 percent reduced packaging, which means retailers are getting a superior product with less waste.

Early Season Insect Control
Poncho XC seed treatment is the latest addition to the Poncho family of products. Long known for its strong legacy of protecting corn, Poncho XC features the same long-lasting and fast-acting insect protection, now available for soybeans.

Poncho XC delivers immediate efficacy against damaging early season insects such as aphids, bean leaf beetles, thrips and white grubs. Its systemic mode of action protects the entire plant, supporting healthier plant establishment. It also provides a consistent yield benefit across a wide range of geographies and environments.

Added Boost of Protection
Relenya seed treatment offers soybean growers a powerful new seed-applied tool for disease management. Powered by Revysol fungicide, Relenya can be added to a base fungicide foundation to boost disease protection under Fusarium and Rhizoctonia pressure. When partnered with a base package, Relenya will also boost yield potential under varied levels of disease pressure.

Vault IP Plus, Poncho XC and Relenya join ILEVO and Obvius Plus seed treatments to create a comprehensive portfolio of early-season soybean solutions. Together these products will offer soybean growers superior protection against insects and disease as well as a performance boost from Relenya seed treatment.

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