BASF Launches 43 New Credenz Soybean Varieties For 2020


Source: BASF news release

Focused on providing the right soybean variety to fit local grower needs, BASF is adding 43 new varieties to their 2020 Credenz seed lineup. Credenz is now the 10th most planted soybean seed in the U.S., offering over 75 varieties nationally and over 25 varieties for Southern growers.

“We developed so many new varieties this year to offer growers more agronomic solutions and multiple modes of action through advanced trait technology,” said Monty Malone, BASF Soybean Variety Development Lead. “These new varieties include either LibertyLink, LibertyLink GT27 or Roundup Ready 2 Xtend traits, allowing growers the choice to rotate traits on their fields to optimize weed control.”

Growers can utilize these different trait platforms by planting the right Credenz variety for their field.

“Growers in the Atlantic should keep their eye on CZ 6260LL, it is the highest-yielding maturity group 6 across 27 internal BASF performance trial locations,” said Malone. “In the Mid-south, CZ 4600X is a high-yielding variety and can be broadly adapted across various row spacings and planting dates.”

Based on BASF trials, these varieties provide excellent agronomics and standability, high-performing yields and the ability to withstand local weed, pest and disease pressures:

To view the entire list click here.

The complete 2020 lineup includes varieties ranging from 0.1 RM to 7.5 RM, for growers wanting to plant multiple varieties on their farm. To learn more, talk with your local BASF seed advisor, or visit for more information on all the new varieties and yield data.


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