BASF Realigns Its Field Team From Innovation Specialists To Agronomic Solutions Advisors


To help lay the groundwork for a successful season, BASF is reaffirming its commitment to growers and retailers through the realignment of its field team from Innovation Specialists to Agronomic Solutions Advisors (ASAs), who can help make recommendations from seed selection and seed treatments to crop protection and beyond.

These ASAs aren’t just seed specialists or chemistry experts; they can assist with providing a system or full-program approach that helps farmers meet or exceed their goals.

“As BASF has transformed from a crop protection company into a provider of agriculture solutions, we wanted to make sure we reflected that in our day-to-day interactions with growers and retailers,” said Scott Kay, Vice President, U.S. Crop, BASF Agricultural Solutions. “This approach enables us to focus on leveraging our technologies – and our team – on helping to produce healthier crops, higher yields, and improved profitability for our customers.”

BASF has a number of ASAs across the United States providing support such as:

Adding Seed to the Solution
“Bringing together the seed and chemical side, I think it makes us more streamlined, and creates a place where we have a good offering all the way through. Growers and retailers like to work with people that can support the entire acre and this will continue to evolve as they become comfortable with one person on one acre. Having another arm with the seed and becoming more involved with the retailers with seed helps open the door when a grower gets comfortable with you. It helps to break down barriers by becoming a trusted advisor in lock step with seed.”
– Kyle Shirk, Agronomic Solutions Advisor, Iowa

Leveraging the Best of BASF Innovation
“At the beginning and end of the day, our job is to provide farmers with solutions. The key reason I love the transition to Agronomic Solutions Advisors is the opportunity to drive innovation at the farm gate. It’s that uncompromising culture of innovation at BASF that allows us to focus on helping growers produce healthier crops, higher yields and improved profitability.”
– Megan Wojtyla, Agronomic Solutions Advisor, Illinois

Working Together with Growers
“The ASA is two unique roles that have meshed into one. We’re able to bridge conversations between farmers and their retailers, further deepening their relationships and developing a circle of trusted agronomic advisors.”
– Kyle Shirk, Agronomic Solutions Advisor, Iowa

“When it comes to growers, we are where the rubber meets the road. We’re the face of the company and we take that really seriously. We offer our growers solutions, not just product information.”
– Matt Vaughn, Agronomic Solutions Advisor, Texas

Working Together with Retailers
“We work hand in hand with the business representatives who call on retailers, and how I work with them is to ensure the retailers are stocked with supply. We strategize where to grow the busines in their geographies. And other times, I’m working with a pest control advisor on agronomic solutions for that grower.”
– Cristiano Alves, Agronomic Solutions Advisor, California

“Our ag retail partners have several irons in the fire on any given day, and if we can provide them with the support and agronomic expertise to help lighten their load, it’s a good day. While our expanding seed portfolio was one of the main reasons behind this transition, we’re still ensuring our ag retail partners and farmers are equipped with the information and chemistry they want and need for a successful growing season.”
– Matt Vaughn, Agronomic Solutions Advisor, Texas

Feedback from the Farm
“California agriculture is complex and having local crop protection expertise is a necessity. Our BASF agronomy solutions advisor is a key component of making the best recommendations for the growers I support.”
– Kevin Orlopp, Orlopp Farms