BASF To Launch Surtain Corn Herbicide, Other Highlights From Commodity Classic


BASF embraced the theme of this year’s Commodity Classic – Preparing for the Next Generation – by sharing its growing portfolio of solutions at the three-day event in Orlando last week.

Front and center was the latest innovation from the Kixor herbicide family, SurtainTM corn herbicide. Upon registration, which is expected later this year, this revolutionary resistance management tool will deliver the first solid-encapsulation technology to the marketplace, enabling farmers to apply pre-and early post-emergence in corn.

The full integration of BASF’s innovation pipeline enables the company to anticipate grower solutions. BASF highlighted such solutions in its advanced seed portfolio, treatment, fungicide and herbicide portfolios for corn, soybean and wheat growers. The company continues to innovate across its pipeline of seeds and traits, seed treatments, biological and chemical crop protection over the next decade.

“From introducing our newest innovation, Surtain herbicide, to continuing the conversation on emerging technologies in areas like weed resistance, plant health and digital farming, this year’s event provided a great opportunity for us to showcase BASF’s commitment to delivering grower-focused solutions,” said Paul Rea, Senior Vice President of Agricultural Solutions, North America.

The “Science Behind” Herbicide Formulations

Through its 16th annual Science Behind event, BASF shared a look behind the curtain at Surtain corn herbicide, developed with a revolutionary new solid-encapsulation formulation backed by 10 years of research and development.

This novel technology will enable farmers to apply Kixor herbicide pre-and early post-emergence in corn, expanding the application window and residual weed control into the growing season.

“With weeds evolving to be resistant to 21 of the 31 known herbicide sites of action, this type of innovation is needed to help growers fight those resistant weeds and preserve the technologies available to them today – building a bridge to novel artificial intelligence in the future,” said Scott Kay, Vice President, U.S. Agricultural Solutions, BASF.

BASF is currently awaiting EPA regulatory approvals for Surtain herbicide, but the company anticipates those approvals will come later this year in time for a 2024 commercial launch.

Commodity Classic 2023

With the need for more product innovation paired with the uncertainties of a volatile marketplace, BASF had experts on hand to talk to growers specifically about how to overcome current challenges and be successful this growing season.

Key topics of discussion included:

“Events such as Commodity Classic give us the opportunity to hear from a variety of growers face to face, working together to address their biggest challenges,” Kay said. “We know farming is the biggest job on earth and we’re thankful for the opportunity to partner with them on solutions for now and the future.”

Innovation Pipeline

The BASF team also shared an update on its innovation pipeline, which is well positioned for the future. Developments are underway in BASF’s core canola, cotton and soybean seed businesses and in its crop protection portfolio in major crops, like wheat, canola, soybean, corn, cotton, rice, as well as fruits and vegetables.

“BASF is committed to providing innovative products and solutions, such as Surtain, to address grower challenges,” Rea said. “By 2025, we expect to introduce 25 new products designed to make farming even more productive and sustainable.”

For more information about Surtain, agronomic insights, or the innovation pipeline, contact your local BASF representative.