BASF’s Alite 27 Soybean Herbicide Receives EPA Registration


ASF has received the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) registration of Alite 27 herbicide for use in select counties across Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Missouri, Ohio, South Dakota and Tennessee. Alite 27 herbicide is the first and only group 27 herbicide (4-hydroxyphenylpyruvate dioxygenase, HPPD) available for use in soybeans as part of the LibertyLink GT27 soybean trait system.

Research by Stratus Ag shows that nearly 75 percent of growers nationwide are dealing with glyphosate-resistant weeds in their fields, and of those growers, 58 percent are experiencing resistance to other modes of action. With Alite 27 herbicide, growers will now have a new mode of action for soybeans and another tool to fight weeds in their fields when planting LibertyLink GT27 soybeans.

“Today’s management practices of relying on a single mode of action are not sustainable for long-term control of problem weeds,” said Scott Kay, Vice President of U.S. Crop, BASF Agricultural Solutions. “BASF continues to bring new innovations, like Alite 27 herbicide, to market to give growers more operational control over their crops and to help eliminate troublesome weeds in their fields.”

Compared with traditional preemergent programs, Alite 27 herbicide will offer unique benefits for the grower as part of the LibertyLink GT27 soybean system:

• Recharge: Alite 27 herbicide provides outstanding residual control of early-season grasses and broadleaf weeds and can reactivate and take down weeds, even after they have emerged. When insufficient rainfall occurs, many residual herbicides are not fully activated and weeds can break through. By having this unique characteristic, Alite 27 herbicide is reactivated when as little as half an inch of rainfall occurs.

• Reliable Residual: Alite 27 herbicide provides more consistent, safe, broad-spectrum control of broadleaves and grasses when used as a tank-mix partner with other residual herbicides. Based on company field trials across multiple geographies, the herbicide provides residual control up to two weeks longer on tough large- and small-seeded broadleaves, including Palmer amaranth, waterhemp, marestail, and kochia.

• Resistance Management: Alite 27 herbicide provides a new tank-mix partner to enhance resistance management programs and can be used with other preemergent programs due to its low use rate (1.5-3 ounces per acre) and tank compatibility.

“One of the biggest challenges growers face is resistant weeds, and the soybean market needed a new residual active ingredient to help fight against them,” said Darren Unland, Technical Marketing Manager, BASF Agricultural Solutions. “Alite 27 herbicide will provide growers with another preemergent herbicide option to layer into their herbicide program for effective, season-long control.”

For the 2021 growing season, growers in registered counties will be able to apply Alite 27 herbicide.