Bayer: Choose Alion As the Foundation For Integrated Weed Management


In orchards and vineyards, controlling weeds is about chasing nature. Weeds steal water and nutrients from crops and can make harvesting a challenge. Alion herbicide from Bayer is a long-lasting herbicide designed to overcome these challenges. With pre-emergent control of a wide spectrum of broadleaf weeds and grasses, including ALS-, ACC-ase and triazine-resistant species, Alion herbicide protects for up to six months and won’t compromise on tree or vine safety.

As a foundational herbicide, Alion can be used across a variety of permanent crops, including citrus, grapes, tree nuts, pome and stone fruits, and olive orchards. With residual control post-harvest, it is best used before winter weeds set, which results in cleaner orchards, vineyards and groves into spring and summer, improved nutrient and water uptake, increased yields and greater overall profitability.

“Alion is the best pre-emergent that we’ve ever had,” said grower Aaron Piazza of Stanislaus County, California. “It’s the only thing that I’ve ever used that you can spray on in January and it seems to make it all the way to harvest. It pretty much takes care of any weed that I’ve had a problem with.”

To maintain zero tolerance and ensure that these problem weeds do not become resistant, Bayer recommends adding a contact treatment that offers a second mode of action. Alion tankmixed with Roundup herbicide is an optimal partner for both pre and post emergence.

“Alion is one of the most important herbicides to come along. The longevity of the product coupled with its broad spectrum activity and its residual length of time activity makes it a pre-emergent herbicide that has no equal,” said Tom Gill, PCA for Wilbur-Ellis in Manteca, California.

In more than 4,000 trials, Alion has shown excellent performance compared with competitors and demonstrated long-lasting control of grasses and broadleaf weeds.

“If left untreated, weeds can potentially rob the orchard of valuable nutrients and water, which can put an unnecessary stress on the crop and at harvest time, can potentially compromise the harvest process,” said Matthew Wilson, Bayer field sales representative. “So it’s important to maintain control of a weed spectrum through an orchard, throughout the growing season, and Alion is a fantastic product that helps growers achieve that.”

Alion herbicide application timings vary per crop and may be affected by irrigation and emergence.

For more information about and to establish an integrated weed program, contact your local Bayer representative or visit


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