Bayer Fungicide Celebrates Nine Years As A Top-Performing Program


Source: Bayer news release

For the ninth consecutive year, Luna® Experience, followed by Flint®, from Bayer, is a top-performing rotation program for vineyards in University of California, Davis trials. The product rotation provides optimal protection from powdery mildew and Botrytis, the two most common fungi in vineyards, and provides built-in resistance management by alternating between multiple modes of action. Luna Experience and Flint also boost vine health, and protect shoots and leaves to reduce dockage and wine off-flavoring.

Trials conducted over the past nine years by Dr. Doug Gubler’s team at the University of California, Davis, have shown that Luna Experience at bloom, followed by Flint, provided an average reduction of more than 98.8 percent in powdery mildew versus untreated grapes. In side-by-side demonstration trials, a rotation of Luna Experience with Flint provided better disease control and higher yields compared to the program used by the grower.

New for 2018, Flint Extra, an SC formulation of the award-winning Flint fungicide, offers crop safety and mix compatibility, as well as broad-spectrum disease control in a more convenient formulation. By penetrating the waxy layer of plant tissues and redistributing on the plant surface, protection is locked in to control the most challenging pests.

Together, Luna Experience and Flint Extra reduce overwintering and late-season vine problems in wine, raisin and table grapes, by offering outstanding protection and control against powdery mildew, Botrytis, Black rot and Phomopsis.

“Our focus is on supporting growers and stewarding the chemistries that help them fight tough diseases like powdery mildew. The combination of Luna Experience and Flint Extra provides protection against resistance by offering three modes of action,” says Thorsten Schwindt, Bayer horticulture strategic business lead.


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