Bayer Launches Mental Health Resources For Farmers


Bayer is pooling mental health resources to help farmers.

Bayer SeedGrowth marketing manager A.J. Hohmann says a perfect storm of challenges has generated an enormous amount of stress on farms across the country.

“What we are trying to do within Acceleron and SeedGrowth within Bayer is to really make sure that we’re talking about the high stress that our daily lives have really turned into with all the different factors that play a part in it.”

Pointing to low commodity prices, trade uncertainty, and flooding, he tells Brownfield the hashtag #Farm State of Mind couldn’t come at a more appropriate time.

“We’ve started to see some people really tell their stories, and they’ve been vulnerable. I know that’s a hard thing for people to be is to be vulnerable and open up to their moments of weakness, but we’ve had folks doing that on social media. And it’s actually been really inspiring and it helps folks to understand that farmers are not alone.”

Hohmann says #FarmStateOfMind isn’t just for social media. There’s also a website providing a hub of mental health resources for the farming community.


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