Bayer Readies Launch Of ThyrvOn Biotech Trait For Cotton


The USDA recently approved Bayer’s ThryvOn Technology, the first cotton biotech trait to protect cotton against feeding damage from tarnished plant bug and thrips species.

Jon Riley, North American cotton trait launch lead for Bayer says this is huge for US cotton growers. “Thrips are major pests when cotton is first emerging,” he says. “And often thrips can be a major issue and can cause major damage before a grower even notices it.”

He tells Brownfield the technology provides added protection and allows cotton to get off to a much better start.

And, Riley says it provides protection later in the growing season against the tarnished plant bug species. “In the middle of the season hen the cotton crop is trying to put on squares, which then turn into cotton bolls, the tarnished plant bugs will actually feed on those,” he says. “And cause those squares to be lost.”

Riley says ThryvOn is scheduled for a stewarded Ground Breakers Field Trial program in parts of the US in 2021 with an expected full commercial launch following, pending regulatory approvals.