Bayer’s Corn Trait Gains EPA Approval: VT4PRO With RNAi


Bayer announced today the commercial registrations from the EPA for the traits that will enable the commercialization of its newest corn product, VT4PRO with RNAi Technology, in the United States. VT4PRO Technology will provide US farmers an additional option within the already-strong Bayer corn product portfolio to help control troublesome above-ground and below ground pests.

VT4PRO Technology will mark the first product that combines the power of the three modes of built-in action in Trecepta Technology, an elite above-ground pest package for corn that controls insects such as corn earworm and western bean cutworm, along with an RNAi-based mode of action, the latest defense to help manage corn rootworm.

“We’re excited about the potential of this product and believe it will provide tremendous value for farmers, helping provide added protection against some of the toughest corn pests,” said Scott Stein, North America Corn Product Management Lead. “The addition of VT4PRO Technology to our portfolio gives farmers another choice in Bayer’s already-robust product lineup. We anticipate that this offering will have a broad geographic fit and will provide corn growers the widest spectrum of insect defense from Bayer.”

A complement to Bayer’s existing portfolio, VT4PRO Technology will complement other products like SmartStax PRO Technology and offer an additional option for growers looking for products that will perform well in low-to-moderate corn rootworm pressure conditions, along with potential higher risk for corn earworm or western bean cutworm.

“This product is another example of Bayer’s commitment to developing and delivering innovative products for farmers through our corn product pipeline,” said Stein. “With an annual investment of more than $2 billon, we’re dedicated to developing technology that provides innovative solutions that help growers address the tough challenges they face on their farms.”

Bayer plans to conduct large scale field testing of VT4PRO Technology during the 2022 and 2023 growing seasons with the potential to launch commercial volumes as early as 2024, pending state registrations.