Bayer’s Enhanced Channel Seed Brand Debuts At Farm Progress Show


Today, Channel is introducing its new enhanced brand to farmers. The brand will unite Channel seed brand with 10 Bayer Regional Brands to provide leading-edge solutions and a next-level experience that will help farmers rise to the challenges of today and tomorrow.

By leveraging its expanded network of Seedsmen, Channel is committed to working closely with farmers to help them, their fields and their profits move in the only direction that matters: up. Farmers will benefit from a broader, deeper, and more robust seed portfolio; one of the biggest benefits this union provides to farmers is combining the entire Regional Brands product portfolio with the current Channel product portfolio, so there will be a product available for every field’s needs. Other benefits include: enhanced agronomic support; a dedicated field support team that’s connected to their fields and their goals; and easy access to digital tools. These resources are designed to empower farmers to navigate their challenges with confidence and to drive success now and in the future.

“We are thrilled to continue building on the rich legacy of the Regional Brands and Channel,” says Chris Turner, U.S. Country Division Head for Bayer. “The enhanced Channel brand positions us to help farmers embrace their ever-changing landscape with increased agronomic support, a deeper seed portfolio, and access to the latest tools within our digital platform offerings.”

Through a closer connection with the Crop Science division of Bayer, farmers will gain access to Bayer’s leading-edge innovations and technologies faster than ever before.

“With all the innovations scheduled to come from Bayer over the next five to seven years, we will be ramping up our agronomy staff with the new Channel seed brand,” Turner adds. “This will further equip us to deliver products, knowledge and support to farmers, who will continue to make purchases through their local seed professional.”

While regional brand names will transition over to Channel, regional brand support and a focus on the local experience will continue under the Channel brand.

Farmers will still be able to purchase their favorite Regional Brand seed products throughout the 2023 selling season. Starting Fall of 2024, those Regional Brand product offerings will transition over to the Channel product portfolio lineup with a new Channel name. To help customers with the transition, both our website and field team members will provide helpful messaging to direct customers to find their legacy products’ new names.

“Farmers can rely on receiving the local agronomic support they have come to know and trust through their local Seedsman and regional brand dealers,” affirms Scott Manwarren, Legacy Regional Brand Area Business Manager for Gold Country Seed. “We’ve gotten a lot of questions from customers about their favorite products, will they still be able to buy those? I can say confidently that those are not going away. All of those products are being pulled into the Channel product lineup for Fall 2024 for our customers. Our Regional Brands have made a tremendous impact in the agriculture world through their efforts in the seed industry. We look forward to continuing that work with the new Channel brand.”

Channel will join forces with Fontanelle Hybrids, Gold Country Seed, Hubner Seed, Jung Seed Genetics, Kruger Seeds, Lewis Hybrids, Rea Hybrids, Specialty Hybrids, Stewart Seeds and Stone Seed. The united brands will form the new enhanced Channel seed brand, bolstered by over 700 years of combined agricultural experience.

About Channel

Channel seed brand products are designed to perform in local conditions and developed with a rigorous selection process using field-proven, precision-breeding technology to help farmers maximize plant health and yield potential. Additional tools like the Channel profitability calculator, the Population Optimizer tool and the Agronomy Library provide insights and management tips that can impact farms and fields all season long. Channel Seedsmen deliver expert advice, customized service and elite seed products to help improve the productivity and profitability of America’s farmers. Based in St. Louis, Channel is a division of Bayer. For additional information, visit or follow @ChannelSeed on Twitter and Facebook.