Biological Crop Protection Producer Vestaron Closes Series C Funding At $82M


Vestaron, a leader in peptide-based biological crop protection, is pleased to announce the official closing of the Series C fundraising efforts at $82M as of May 12, 2022.

The financing was significantly oversubscribed with high demand from both existing and new investors. Lead investors joining Vestaron in the peptide revolution include Ordway Selections and Cavallo Ventures. Also, Argonautic Ventures, Fortistar, and Endeavor8 will participate.

“Farmers, consumers, and governments deserve an alternative to chemical pesticides and their terrible side effects. The efficacy of Vestaron’s products, the company’s scalable manufacturing processes, and the involvement of some of the leading strategic and financial investors allows Ordway Selections to confidently state that Vestaron is at an inflection point. We are delighted to be partnering with Anna Rath and her talented team to globalize an impactful range of biological products that is simple for farmers to apply and benefit of,” expresses Ariel Barack, Head of Food & Agriculture, Partner, Ordway Selections

Vestaron welcomes returning investors: Novo Holdings, Northpond Ventures, CGC Ventures, iSelect and Syngenta Ventures.

“Vestaron has developed groundbreaking peptide technology with a successful commercial launch in the agricultural industry,” explains Craig Herron, Managing Partner with iSelect. “We are excited to have a hand in the revolution in this early stage.”

Kartik Dharmadhikari, Principal of Novo Holdings and Vestaron board member shares thoughts, “Vestaron continues to outline and achieve milestones.” “I have confidence that the next phase will deliver the promised technology and portfolio that has already established Vestaron as a valuable partner providing vital solutions to growers across North America.”

With the recent fundraising, the Vestaron board will add Ariel Barack (Ordway), Mike Wilbur (Cavallo), and Craig Herron (iSelect) as board observers.

“With the caliber of additional investors, our recently added Board of Directors, Randy Papadellis, and Audit Chair Susan Altschuller, Vestaron is primed for a strong and dynamic future,” explains Vestaron CEO, Anna Rath.