Bluewhite’s “Pathfinder” Turns Tractor Into A Robot


Bluewhite invites all growers to visit Booth R37-R39 next week at World Ag Expo, Feb. 14-16, in Tulare to experience their Top 10 New Product Winner the Pathfinder product; the latest autonomous technology in the agriculture industry. Growers will see multiple autonomous tractor types, and multiple implements.

Bluewhite will include multiple manufacturer’s tractors, showcasing the Pathfinder’s autonomous system with multiple types of implements. Pathfinder is a holistic solution for the 21st-century farm – supporting multiple jobs, year around.

“We are excited to share our Pathfinder technology Expo,” said Ben Alfi, Bluewhite CEO. “Our Pathfinder product has helped to maximize productivity and reduce operating costs by up to 85%, supporting the growers’ journey to a more profitable and sustainable farm.”

The Bluewhite booth (R37-R39) will also provide attendees with the experience of an autonomous tractor driving through a virtual reality set. Bluewhite also plans to share exciting news about new partners, and its vision of the 21 century data-driven autonomous farm at the World Ag Expo.

Pathfinder Technology

Pathfinder was developed by Bluewhite, to be a cost effective, flexible, and safe solution for permanent crop growers. The platform can transform any brand of existing orchard or vineyard tractor into a fully autonomous fleet, capable of executing multiple tasks, such as spraying, applying herbicide, discing, mowing, or harvesting with high precision and operating efficiency. By retrofitting a growers existing fleet, Bluewhite has not only been able to help the grower maximize their existing assets, and lessen their environmental footprint by providing more precise technology, but they have ultimately been able to increase the grower’s bottom line.

The platform is unique and is currently the only commercialized offering on the market that allows growers the flexibility to update and use their existing fleet with the capability of autonomy. Pathfinder uses the unique fusion of multiple sensors, LIDAR, cameras, and GNSS, enabling safe navigation in every crop and application without the reliance on GPS/RTK or cellular connection, which is not available in all operating conditions.

About Bluewhite

Bluewhite was founded in 2017 with a vision to bring sustainable innovation to growers worldwide. Today, Bluewhite is a global company with U.S.-based headquarters in Fresno, Calif. Bluewhite partners with growers around the world, to support their continual progress. Their goal is to grow farm profitability, productivity, and safety.

Bluewhite’s diverse team of engineers, farmers, designers, and field operators, hold decades of experience in autonomous technologies, and share the same values: Fellowship, love of the land, and innovation. Grow Forward with Bluewhite.

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