Case IH Announces Enhancements For Lineup Of Precision Air Carts


To help producers make every seed count, Case IH is introducing new enhancements for the lineup of Precision Air 5 series air carts. Designed to get the most from every plant’s potential through highly accurate seed and fertilizer metering and distribution, Model Year 2021 air carts are designed to maximize efficiency with new configuration options and features such as individual tank weigh scales and curve compensation.

“Growers tell us they want the ability to do more work in less time and seed with the highest level of confidence,” said Trent Nowosad, Case IH marketing manager for seeding equipment. “Case IH Precision Air carts are designed with industry-leading technology, and these new features have been implemented to help operators achieve next-level accuracy.”

Individual tank weigh scales
Model Year 2021 air carts are equipped with individual tank weigh scales, designed to minimize guesswork and inform the operator how much seed or fertilizer is in each tank – without having to leave the tractor cab. With the ability to check individual tank weight in the cab on an Advanced Farming Systems (AFS) Pro 700 display or on a cart-side display, the feature indicates how many acres the operator will cover until the product tank is empty, which helps with tendering logistics. The feature is available across the entire lineup of Precision Air carts, with capacities from 350 to 950 bushels.

“The new weigh scale features save operators valuable time and help ensure accurate application,” Nowosad said. “The ability to instantaneously see this information from the cab offers peace of mind.”

Curve compensation
The new curve compensation option available in the lineup is designed to help ensure proper plant population across the drill in tight turns and corners. With this option, the exclusive AFS AccuSection modular metering system controls each individual meter independently, allowing each section to apply the correct amount of product as sections speed up or slow down through a turn. These features all lead to a high level of accuracy and uniformity across the air drill or fertilizer application equipment.

“This technology can play a major role in providing better, more uniform plant stands in every part of the field,” Nowosad said. “At the end of the day, not only is this feature helpful in maximizing efficiency but it also has the potential to help reduce weed pressure and boost yield.”

New models and configurations
The lineup of Precision Air carts will now include two new three-tank air cart configurations, ideal for fertilizer application or broad-acre seeding: Precision Air 3725 and Precision Air 3915. Both tow-behind models, these configurations deliver the largest three-tank configurations in the lineup and provide the ability to stay in the fields longer and get more work done in a day between tendering.

All air carts can now be ordered without an on-board fill system, such as an auger or conveyor, to further provide growers the freedom to tailor each Precision Air 5 series air cart to accommodate the demands of their operation. This new option reduces the cost for producers who typically would use an off-board solution such as a field loader conveyor or a tender truck.