Case IH Expands Its Planter Lineup


Adding to an already impressive lineup of planters known for providing accurate seed placement for fast and uniform emergence, Case IH is introducing the 2110 Early Riser planter and an updated 2150 Early Riser planter to its 2000 series lineup.

Featuring a rigid mounted design and 1.9- or 3.0-bushel on-row hopper options, the 2110 Early Riser planter is expertly poised to help producers tackle regional farming challenges. Meanwhile, updates to the 2150 Early Riser planter include split bulk fill tank scales and an optional increased liquid tank capacity for more tendering and filling efficiency, as well as greater acre coverage.

“From soybean and corn operations to producers who cultivate bedded crops like peanuts and cotton, our latest additions to the Early Riser roster are designed to help growers combat recurring planting season challenges in new ways,” said David Brennan, Case IH planter marketing manager. “Taken together, the new 2110 Early Riser Planter and improved 2150 Early Riser planter offer a host of options that allow operators to maximize uptime while still putting efficiency front and center.”

The first factory-outfitted high-spec rigid mounted planter

The first offering of a factory-equipped, high-spec, rigid mounted planter, the 2110 Early Riser planter acts as a workhorse for small-field operations and bedded crops, including peanuts, cotton, specialty vegetables, flood irrigation, strip-till applications and more. With a minimized machine weight and reduced hydraulic demand for smaller horsepower tractors, the 2110 Early Riser planter deftly handles a variety of farming practices.

Six- and eight-row configurations available in 30-, 36-, 38- and 40-inch spacings, while automated vacuum control offers enhanced efficiency and accuracy. In addition, a complete offering of in-cab control functions is available for either pneumatic or hydraulic row unit down pressure, as well as residue manager control and closing system pressure. Two sizes of on-row hoppers – 1.9- and 3.0-bushel – allow producers to tailor the Early Riser 2110 to their specific crop type as desired. The new 3.0-bushel hopper design allows for trouble-free seed filling and several recessed areas make handeling easy when hopper removal is required.

A durable 7″x7″ main frame tube design provides a solid foundation for the row units to ensure accurate seed placement. The toolbar design emphasizes cleanliness and simplicity, reducing connection points to prevent implement damage out in the field. Two weight brackets housing three weights provide added toolbar weight for high-downforce scenarios, while features such as a 5-gallon air tank and a heavy-duty steel electronics enclosure ensure maximum operator performance.

2150 Early Riser planter updates prioritize tank capacity, convenience

Featuring a new liquid tank with more capacity and split bulk fill tank scale options that help operators cover more acres between fills, updates to the 2150 Early Riser planter increase in-field performance without sacrificing ease of use. First, liquid fertilizer capacity has been increased from 400 to 540 gallons on all 12, 16 and 24-row 2150 Early Riser planters. The result is a minimized need for tractor-mounted tanks – as well as optimized hose routing and component mounting – improving productivity and reducing refill downtime while out in the field.

Next, new split bulk fill tank scales improve upon classic Early Riser ease-of-access features, such as a large fill hole and a low tank height with rearward visibility for simple, easy filling. Operators can easily visualize and monitor tanks using an in-cab display through the rear-fill platform or on the ground via the Cab Control app.

“With the 2110 and 2150 Early Riser planters, we continue to offer accurate technology along with a durable, dependable design – all while expanding the possibilities available to growers,” said Brennan. “In doing so, these machines close gaps in our lineup and help us offer a more complete suite of 2000 series planters than ever before.”

The 2110 Early Riser rigid mounted planter and updated 2150 Early Riser Planter are available to order for Spring 2024. To learn more about equipment details and additional planter information, contact your local Case IH dealer or visit