CLAAS Announces Nine New Additions To Its Portfolio Of LINER Rakes And New DISCO Mover


CLAAS has launched the next generation of center-delivery rakes with various models ranging from 20 feet 4 inches to 49 feet 2 inches and a completely new 13 foot 9 inch rear-mounted mower. The distinctive features of this new range include a low transport height, excellent ground-contour following and ease of handling.

CLAAS is a leading supplier of rotary rakes and disc mowers. The portfolio features nine new rake models and one new mower designed from the ground up with innovative features and unique functions to make life easier for users while guaranteeing premium forage quality at high work rates.

In the BUSINESS models, the swath width can be hydraulically adjusted by ISOBUS operation and several swath widths can be stored in the terminal for optimum convenience. In the TREND models, the swath width can be adjusted in transport position without tools using a spring-loaded lever and hole matrix. All four rotors are driven mechanically and thus efficiently and directly by PTO.

This increases the raking force by up to 50 percent compared to hydraulic drives. All rotors are fitted with individual friction clutches to protect against overload – they respond more smoothly than cam clutches and allow work to continue nonstop even during load peaks. The shaft speed in the two Y-gearboxes on the main frame has been reduced from 540 to 350 rpm to protect the drivetrain.

Large in the Field, Compact on the Road
The telescopic arms are fully retracted and folded up at 90 degrees to the main frame for road travel. Once the main frame has been hydraulically lowered, the 13-foot transport height is achieved without having to remove the tine arms. This reduces setup times since the machine can be folded into transport position and unfolded into working position in a matter of seconds without having to step down from the tractor. The front rotor suspension automatically locks in transport position for smooth road travel. The telescopic arms have an automatic transport lock which unlocks hydraulically in the BUSINESS models.

Like their predecessors, the latest generation LINER dual-rotor rakes offer excellent ground-contour following for clean gathering with low ash contamination. The GRASS CARE rotor guidance system ensures that the rotors are actively suspended during operation. The BUSINESS model is equipped with individual rotor lift that is preselected on the terminal as standard; this function is optionally available for direct spool valve operation in the TREND models.

With the LINER 2900 BUSINESS, the height of each rotor can be controlled separately using the preselection function on the ergonomic CEMIS 10 control unit and by actuating the tractor spool valve. As an option, the TREND version of the LINER two-rotor rake can be supplied with hydraulic rotor height adjustment with direct spool valve control. The LINER 3100, 2900 and 2800 adjust working widths and swath widths hydraulically and synchronously using the telescopic arms. On the LINER 2700 and 2600, it is adjusted mechanically.

ACTIVE FLOAT hydraulic rotor suspension is available exclusively on the LINER 2900 BUSINESS. This functions in a similar way to the suspension of the same name in the DISCO CONTOUR disc mowers. ACTIVE FLOAT is easily adjusted directly on the machine, with a gauge on the main frame indicating the pressure in the hydraulic circuits. The ground pressure of the rotor can be adapted precisely to the forage quantity and ground conditions by adjusting the suspension pressure. This ensures faster operating speeds and reduces ash contamination in the forage.

Rear-mounted mowers with large working widths used in front-rear combinations can be an effective alternative to triple combinations, depending on the application. CLAAS has responded to many customers’ calls for a rear mower with a working width of more than 13 feet with the launch of the new DISCO 4400 CONTOUR. The mower features innovative diagonal 120-degree folding for safe, vertical road transport at a height of less than 13 feet and a space-saving storage position combined with powerful performance.

New 120° Vector Folding
A highlight for the DISCO 4400 CONTOUR is the unique vector folding: this allows the mower to be folded vertically to 120 degrees for transport position like the other models in the CONTOUR series. The unique part is that the mower can be folded backwards slightly using the hydraulic break-back ram, which allows the mower when folded for transport to lean backwards and reduce the transport height.

So, despite having a working width of 13 feet 9 inches, the mower unit achieves a transport height of less than 13 feet for road travel. This gives the driver the choice of a vertical transport folding or leaning the mower backwards when folding to be under 13 feet high. At the same time, it is positioned diagonally behind the tractor and supported by the headstock, thereby shifting the center of gravity to the tractor’s longitudinal axis.

When compared with mowers that pivot to the rear, this solution reduces the load on the tractor front axle by around 50 percent, which greatly improves transport handling. Furthermore, in transport position, the DISCO 4400 CONTOUR hardly swings back, making it easier to get into the field gate from a narrow road.

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