CLAAS Of America Rolls Out Seven New Products At Farm Progress Show


At the Farm Progress Show today, CLAAS of America rolled out seven new product innovations across its long line of farm equipment. They include the next-generation LEXION 8000-7000 series combine harvester, JAGUAR 900-800 series forage harvesters with available TERRA TRAC drive systems and ORBIS row-independent headers, new AXION 900-800 series tractors, DISCO 4000 TRC mower, ROLLANT 520 round baler and VOLTO 55 TH tedder.

“This summer, we’re proud to feature the largest number of new product introductions in one year in the history of CLAAS of North America, all designed to help drive greater productivity, higher throughput, better harvest efficiency and increased ease of operation,” says Eric Raby, CLAAS of America President and GM – Sales. “Each product features significant engineering advancements that deliver on the superior productivity that today’s ag business demands, offering the best return on investment and allowing the operator to get more done in less time.”

Next-Generation LEXION Combine
The all-new LEXION 8000-7000 series combine harvester is more powerful and features the highest capacity in the industry, designed with a host of features to streamline harvest and save time and money. It features exceptional capacity to harvest all types of crops in all types of conditions, covering more acres per hour and achieving even better grain quality.

With the APS SYNFLOW HYBRID system, the new LEXION delivers 10 percent more capacity than the previous series. Grain handling is also improved, with unloading speeds as fast as 5.1 bushels per second and the industry’s largest grain tank that features a 510-bushel capacity.

Operators can cover significantly more ground with a 25-mph transport speed with both wheeled and TERRA TRAC models. In addition, the operator also saves time with crop changeover capabilities, straight from the cab, with just the touch of a button.

JAGUAR 900-800 Series and ORBIS Header
The all-new JAGUAR 900 series, 800 series, and TERRA TRAC forage harvesters feature even higher throughput, chop quality, fuel efficiency and time-saving features. The JAGUAR line sets the standard for reliability, and improvements to the design of the new series raises the bar on machine longevity. A 30% stronger feedroll cabinet allows for smoother crop flow, more consistent chop quality and the highest reliability on the market.

The JAGUAR 990 is equipped with up to 925 horsepower and the new JAGUAR 970 features an Inline-6 engine with 790 horsepower. The JAGUAR 990 and 960 are available with a TERRA TRAC undercarriage, the first forage harvesters to offer the feature. TERRA TRAC provides up to 25 mph (40 km/h) road speeds, a smoother ride, reduced soil compaction, and added stability and traction.

JAGUAR 800 Series forage harvesters include several enhancements to improve crop flow and efficiency. The ground drive torque was increased by 11 percent for greater power and control in hilly and muddy conditions.

The ORBIS row-independent header offers superior ground contour following and consistent crop transfer. The new ORBIS 750 and 600 feature a frame stamped from a flat piece of metal, with no welded joints, for unmatched header strength.

New AXION 900-800 Series Tractors
The AXION 900 and 800 series tractors deliver the comfort and flexibility needed to work faster and more efficiently. The tractor lines provide a range of power options and other available technology enhancements to match a wide range of applications. With the most fuel-efficient PTO horsepower in its class, excellent cab comfort and superior cab visibility, this tractor is ideal for the livestock and livestock input producer, and also has applications in other markets.

The AXION 800 series features a powerful 6.7L Tier 4F engine with deep torque reserves to power through tough spots in the field and steep grades. Horsepower ranges from 200 to 280. It’s offered in a HEXASHIFT or CMATIC (CVT) transmission. The AXION 900 features an 8.7L Tier 4F engine with horsepower ratings of 320 to 440, depending on the model. It’s available exclusively with the CMATIC transmission.

New Balers and Hay Tools
Engineering advancements featured in the new DISCO 4000 TRC mower conditioner help deliver higher-quality feed, leading to improved milk production in dairy cattle. The MAX CUT cutterbar and ACTIVE FLOAT suspension result in a more evenly cut crop with less ash content. New adjustable swath plates allow the operator to make any sized windrow.

The new ROLLANT 520 4 x 4 fixed-chamber round baler features an updated design and upgrades for better fermentation in properly formed bales. The result for the operator is reduced spoilage, improved milk production and reduced labor and materials loss. More efficiently packed bales mean fewer bales to handle and more feed per bale.

The new VOLTO 55 TH tedder helps operators spread the crop more evenly and faster for uniform dry down and preserved nutritional value of the crop. It offers a faster ground speed and a more even spread pattern with the MAX SPREAD tine system. The strong tube tine arms and PERMALINK drive system allow for high workloads for heavy windrow conditions.