CLAAS ORBIS 900 Forage Harvester Header Wins Top-10 New Products Award


CLAAS of America is pleased to announce that the newly designed ORBIS 900 row-independent forage harvester header has been named a 2021 Top-10 New Product from World Ag Expo.

“The new ORBIS 900 represents a revolutionary change to our flagship row-independent header line,” explained Matt Jaynes, Product Manager at CLAAS of America. “Many subtle refinements deliver greater overall harvesting efficiency, faster unfolding and superior performance in down-crop situations where ‘floating’ the head is required to capture all of the crop.”

The Top-10 New Product Competition is held annually in conjunction with the International Agri-Center. Product entries are submitted by companies and range from simple solutions to high-tech devices. Products are judged on originality, innovation, practicality, economy/affordability and their overall value to agriculture by a panel of farmers, ranchers, university professionals, ag equipment dealers, ag media and more.

Introduced in October 2020, the newly designed ORBIS 900 features a frame stamped from a flat piece of metal, with no welded joints, for superior strength. The knives, crop flow guides and better positioned feed drums on the new ORBIS 900 are all PREMIUM LINE, making the header more durable and providing more consistent cutting and feeding. The ORBIS 900 has a working width of 30 feet, the largest in the line.

Despite its large working width, the ORBIS 900 is able to follow ground contours for optimal performance. This is made possible by a new tilting frame that enables a +/- 5° correction in combination with AUTO CONTOUR hydraulic swing movement compensation. In addition to the two standard sensor bands at the outer edges, a third, centrally fitted sensor band is available as an option. This provides an enhanced ability to follow ground contours, especially on uneven ground.

The ORBIS 900 also features a folding design that allows the operator to fold and unfold it in 22 seconds for easy transport between fields to get the job done faster.

For more information about CLAAS and the ORBIS 900 header, visit the company website at