Climate FieldView Can Now Be Connected To CLAAS Telematics


CLAAS is pleased to announce that Climate FieldView, the flagship product of the Climate Corporation (Bayer’s digital farming arm) can now be connected to CLAAS TELEMATICS through the CLAAS API (application programming interface) to enable easy data exchange for field-specific and site-specific documentation.

Reliable data flows are essential for precision farming. Successful fertilizer, crop protection and planting and sowing strategies depend upon access to accurate information about the previous years’ yields and site-specific yield differences. To ensure that this vital information is provided seamlessly and at the farmer’s discretion, the FieldView platform and the CLAAS TELEMATICS portal can now be connected through the CLAAS API – offering access to new data science capabilities and ensuring seamless transfer of harvest information and insights from CLAAS TELEMATICS to FieldView.

“Data management is at the core of profitability and efficiency on the farm,” says Blair Hardie, Product Manager, Efficient Agriculture Systems (EASY). “This new ability to synchronize data will help farmers improve their profitability, manage risk and save valuable time by gathering data and conducting analysis all in one easy-to-use portal.”

Overview of API in Action
The Automatic Documentation add-on option in CLAAS TELEMATICS facilitates driver-independent, field-specific and site-specific documentation. This makes it possible to obtain a complete overview of each field worked with data automatically being assigned to the field based on the boundary. In addition to machine data and consumption figures, yield data and measurements from NIR sensors can also be documented.

When a farmer or contractor connects their CLAAS TELEMATICS account to their FieldView account via the CLAAS API, the documented harvest data from the TELEMATICS system are retrieved and sent to the FieldView user’s inbox as jobs. From there, the customer can select the files they’d like to sync with their FieldView account and further process the complete field-related documentation in FieldView.

With this connectivity, yield values and yield maps from a CLAAS combine harvester or forage harvester can be used in FieldView to generate site-specific planting prescriptions or fertilizer maps for the coming season. This helps farmers increase their profitability, actively manage risk and save valuable time by gathering data and conducting analysis all in one place.

Each individual customer connects their two accounts. Agronomic information is exchanged only between the accounts of FieldView and CLAAS TELEMATICS customers who chose to enable the offering. Farmers or contractors can independently revoke the connection in the CLAAS TELEMATICS or FieldView portal at any time and disable the data exchange.