Control Volunteer Corn And Grass Weeds In Soybeans With AMVAC’s Assure II And Scepter Herbicides


Compounding the usual battle against grass weeds in rotational soybeans this season likely will be the presence of volunteer corn from last year’s corn crop-a result of 2020’s derecho in much of the midwestern U.S.

Two key products in the fight against these yield-robbing weeds are Assure II Herbicide and Scepter 70 DG Herbicide from AMVAC.

Assure II is a selective herbicide that provides proven grass and volunteer corn control in soybean and Enlist corn. For farmers looking for clethodim or glyphosate alternatives for postemergence grass control, Assure II is a strong option for postemergence control of problem grass weeds including foxtail, volunteer corn, and perennial grass weeds like quackgrass and johnsongrass. Assure II is the authorized quizalofop herbicide for use on Enlist corn.

Assure II additionally can be used to control non-Enlist-trait containing volunteer corn. This includes volunteer Roundup Ready corn (glyphosate resistant) and LibertyLink corn (glufosinate resistant).

Scepter 70 DG herbicide is a proven tool for weed management in soybean production, providing residual activity on volunteer corn and tough broadleaf weeds.

In addition to excellent soybean safety, Scepter 70 DG has a broad application window. When applied spring early preplant through preemergence, it controls a broad spectrum of broadleaf weeds including cocklebur, morningglory, and giant ragweed. Applied early postemergence, it provides control of volunteer corn and cocklebur as well as extending residual control of broadleaf weed species.

Scepter 70 DG also can be applied in the fall, prior to planting, for control of winter annuals and suppression of early-season grass and broadleaf weeds.

“Farmers already have favorable market conditions for soybeans heading into 2021, and many will need volunteer corn and key grass control to help ensure they achieve maximum yield,” said Nathaniel Quinn, AMVAC Marketing Manager of Corn, Soybeans, and Sugar Beets. “Assure II and Scepter 70 DG herbicides are two valuable tools from AMVAC to help them gain the needed control and realize their top economic returns.”