Corteva Agriscience Announces Pixxaro EC Herbicide For Cereals


Wheat growers have a powerful new tool available to them in 2020. Pixxaro EC herbicide joins the lineup of Corteva Agriscience cereals herbicides to control the most challenging weeds, including kochia and marestail.

Armed with two leading active ingredients – Arylex active and the trusted Corteva Agriscience molecule fluroxypyr – wheat growers can count on Pixxaro EC for exceptional control to help maximize productivity, yield quality and profitability.

“Arylex active combined with fluroxypyr provides enhanced activity on broadleaf weeds unlike any other of the Group 4 chemistries,” said Jeff Ellis, Market Development Specialist, Corteva Agriscience. “Wheat growers fought kochia and marestail again in 2019, so the availability of Pixxaro EC is welcome news. Pixxaro EC is an excellent tank-mix partner and provides growers with great rotational flexibility.”

Pixxaro EC also effectively controls other challenging broadleaf weeds, including wild buckwheat, redroot pigweed, henbit, chickweed and common lambsquarters. Pixxaro EC is most effective when weeds are small and actively growing, and when wheat is in the two-leaf crop growth stage up to flag leaf emergence.

“The addition of Pixxaro EC herbicide to our cereals herbicide offerings demonstrates the commitment of Corteva Agriscience to the cereals market,” said Brooklynne Dalton, Cereals Herbicide Product Manager, Corteva Agriscience. “Pixxaro EC gives cereals growers who have long battled kochia and marestail a new and effective herbicide control option. The unique dynamic of Arylex active with fluroxypyr enhances the activity on weeds for an elevated level of control with excellent crop safety, leading to better grain quality and enhanced yield potential.”

For more information about Pixxaro EC, talk with your agribusiness herbicide dealer, agronomist or Corteva Agriscience sales representative and visit


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