Corteva Introduces New Biological Product Sosdia To Help Drought Stressed Crops


Corteva Agriscience introduces Sosdia™ Stress abiotic stress mitigator to help farmers better manage drought-stressed crops. The new biological solution protects row crops from environmentally stressful conditions like drought, heat, excess salinity and excess sunlight. Sosdia Stress abiotic stress mitigator allows plants to focus on growth and productivity – instead of on cell repair in challenging conditions – for optimum yield potential.

“Farmers in many areas of the country face environmental challenges such as drought each growing season. We’re so pleased to offer a sustainable solution that can help overcome those challenges to improve farmer productivity and ease their worries,” said Ryan Ridder, U.S. Product Manager, Biologicals and Fungicides, Corteva Agriscience. “Sosdia Stress abiotic stress mitigator can fit easily into almost any growing operation and works with several row crops, including corn, soybeans and wheat.”

Sosdia Stress abiotic stress mitigator contains naturally-occurring ingredients like proline and potassium, which help crops react to stress similarly to plants with higher levels of osmolytes. Osmolytes are naturally-occurring compounds that protect cell integrity, water balance and metabolism during stressful conditions.

“Think of it this way: Cacti are plants with naturally high levels of osmolytes. Sosdia Stress abiotic stress mitigator helps row crops react to stressors like heat and drought more similarly to cacti,” Ridder said. “Crops treated with Sosdia Stress abiotic stress mitigator lose less water vapor, maximizing the conversion of water into crop biomass for better yield potential.”

Sosdia Stress abiotic stress mitigator is available for purchase in limited supply for the current growing season. It will be more widely available in 2023. Local retailers will have the most up-to-date information on the current availability of Sosdia Stress abiotic stress mitigator in your area. To learn more about this solution, visit the product website on