Crop Conditions Deteriorate Slightly: 62% Of Corn, 60% Of Soybeans In Good To Excellent Condition

Rows of soy bean plants in a field

The USDA’s crop condition rating for corn was down slightly on the week, while beans improved just a little, following a week of mixed weather in many key U.S. growing areas.

62% of U.S. corn is in good to excellent shape, down 2% on the week and 10% on the year, while 91% of the crop is silking, compared to the five-year average of 86%, and 38% is at the dough making stage, compared to 33% on average.

60% of soybeans are called good to excellent, 2% more than the previous week, but 13% less than a year ago, with 86% of beans blooming, compared to 82% on average, and 58% at the pod setting stage, compared to 52% typically in early August.

91% of winter wheat is harvested, compared to 86% on average.

10% of spring wheat is in good to excellent condition, 1% higher than last week, but 63% lower than last year, with 64% of the crop rated poor to very poor, 2% lower, and 17% of the crop harvested, compared to 8% on average.

60% of cotton is reported as good to excellent, a decline of 1% from a week ago, but a jump of 14% from a year ago, with 82% of the crop squaring, compared to 90% on average, and 50% setting bolls, compared to the usual rate of 53%.

72% of rice falls into the good to excellent category, 2% under the week before and 4% lower than last year, with 59% of the crop headed, compared to 65% on average.

32% of U.S. pastures and rangelands are in good to excellent shape, down 2% on the week and 4% on the year, with 42% in poor to very poor condition, steady with last week and 12% above last year.

The USDA’s next set of production and yield estimates is out August 12th.