CROPLAN Launches WinPak Line Of Soybeans


Extreme field variability makes choosing the right soybean varieties challenging because it can lead to uneven yield potential and maturity issues at harvest. This fall, growers selecting Enlist E3 or XtendFlex soybeans have a novel option in exclusive WinPak soybean varieties from CROPLAN. WinPak varieties blend two high-performing and complementary seed varieties into one bag to help growers capitalize on traditionally high-producing soils while also helping mitigate variability risks.

Fields with variable soil conditions and pressures present growers with a unique set of concerns, according to Hector De Leon, director of seed product management with CROPLAN. “One end of your acres could be rich soil with proper drainage, and the other end could have soils with low organic matter and poor drainage,” said De Leon. “These different soil types can affect plant growth and stress levels. Only planting one seed variety might work to capitalize on the better performing acres, but not provide the defensive characteristics needed to maintain performance on tougher acres.”

In addition to diverse soil conditions, an unpredictable environment can push levels of disease and insect pressure higher or lower. It all brings variability that can cause pockets of high yields and others of poor performance. Choosing a WinPak variety helps mitigate risk in variable fields by leveling out those highs and lows. Varieties include high-end CROPLAN genetics and are available in today’s leading soybean trait packages, including Enlist E3, XtendFlex and Roundup Ready 2 Xtend, for season-long weed management.

Seed Pairings Backed by Research and Localized Testing

When formulating a CROPLAN WinPak product, De Leon said that breeders select seed pairings to be complementary in terms of agronomic features, such as region-specific disease tolerance, heat and drought tolerance, standability and yield potential. Additionally, maturities are carefully matched to have a consistent drydown in the field to help eliminate harvest timing issues.

For example, it could mean pairing one variety designed for less productive acres that has strong soybean white mold tolerance, a narrow canopy type and tall heights with another variety suited for productive acres that has excellent frogeye field tolerance, a bushy canopy type and medium stand heights.

“We rigorously test these varieties across the country in our Answer Plot program to determine what varieties pair the best together,” De Leon said. “And this year, CROPLAN is bringing forward new localized WinPak varieties to give farmers even more options for their areas in today’s leading soybean trait packages.”

More information about available WinPak varieties can be found in the Soybean Seed Master Chart on or by talking to your local ag retailer.

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