Dacom Farm Intelligence Adds Iteris ClearAg To Its Crop Management Platform

Farmer check his crop plant health by examination plant leaf, looking for insect pests at farm in the morning

teris, Inc. (NASDAQ: ITI), the global leader in applied informatics for transportation and agriculture, and Dacom Farm Intelligence (Dacom), a leader in data-driven advisory technologies and sensor equipment for growers and agribusinesses, have announced the addition of Iteris ClearAg to Dacom’s crop management platform.

Dacom provides weather, irrigation and crop protection insights to a worldwide customer base of over 30,000 registered users. The addition of ClearAg environmental intelligence to the platform means Dacom users, which include growers, agribusinesses and governments, will now be able to access current and forecast weather information, as well as weather map tile overlays.

This will assist in the further enhancement of Dacom’s world-class pest and disease modelling capability. ClearAg’s hyperlocal weather forecast information will also be used to complement a range of in-field sensors offered by Dacom.

“We are excited to provide ClearAg’s hyperlocal weather information to the growers, agribusinesses and government partners in the more than 50 countries we serve around the world,” said Janneke Hadders, chief executive officer of Dacom. “Current and forecast weather data from ClearAg will significantly enhance our data-driven crop advisory platform, helping our global users improve productivity and efficiency in their crop management programs.”

“We are thrilled to provide a valuable subset of ClearAg’s environmental intelligence on a software-as-a-service basis to Dacom’s global network of growers and agribusinesses,” said Jim Chambers, senior vice president and general manager, Agriculture and Weather Analytics at Iteris. “ClearAg’s hyperlocal current and forecast weather information will help Dacom users make critical decisions on crop pest and disease control, while improving year-round productivity and efficiency in crop management.”


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