Deere Adds New 5-Meter Model To MoCo Line-up, Updates Other Zero Series MoCos


John Deere has updated and added to its Mower Conditioner lineup for model year 2021. Zero Series MoCos help commercial and non-commercial hay producers manage tight harvest windows by getting more crop cut and ready to bale.

Notable changes include the addition of the new John Deere C500, a 5-meter, center-pivot MoCo; the redesigned John Deere C400, a 4-meter, center-pivot MoCo; and Quick Change Knives, all backed by an industry-leading, 5-year cutterbar warranty. Eight models are available, ranging in cutting widths from 2.5 meters up to 5 meters.

Zero Series MoCos can now be ordered with deliveries starting in January 2021, replacing all 600, 800 and 900 Series models. Models available include the side-pull S250, S300 and S350 machines; and center-pivot C300, C350, C400, C450 and C500 MoCos.

Farmers can replace a worn or damaged knife in only a few seconds with the new Quick Change Knife system for MY 2021 MoCos.

A new naming and numbering system help customers differentiate between center-pivot and side-pull machines, cut width and series. For example, on the C500, “C” identifies it as a center-pivot MoCo, and “S” like on the S300, shows it’s a side-pull MoCo. The next two digits “50” represent approximate cut width in meters, 5.0 meters for the C500 or 3.0 meters for the S300, and the last digit “0” identifies the MoCo series.

At a cut width of 5 meters, the C500 is 10% wider than the previous model, the 956. The wider cutting width allows the C500 to harvest more acres per hour. To move crop from the cutterbar to the conditioner rolls more efficiently, the C500 utilizes the same field-proven overshot cross auger design used on John Deere 500R Rotary Windrower platforms. This system delivers improved cut quality and reduced ash content while promoting fast dry down through improved windrow formation.

The all-new C400 is lighter, offers better weight distribution and features wider conditioning rolls than its predecessor, the 946. The lighter weight of a C400 makes it compatible with a wide range of tractors, and the wider conditioning rolls allow improved crop conditioning and windrow formation that promote fast dry down. The C400 also features a repositioned driveline above the main beam of the tongue that improves access for easier serviceability.

The new John Deere C500, a 5-meter, center-pivot MoCo.

To further simplify routine service and maintenance, Deere is offering its new Quick Change Knife system for all model year 2021 MoCos. Quick Change Knife performance upgrade kits will also be available for most older 600, 800, and 900 series models.

“The Quick Change Knife system improves the uptime of Zero Series MoCos by reducing the time needed to replace worn or damaged knives by more than 50% compared to a standard-bolted knife,” said Glenn Padgett, John Deere Senior Marketing Representative. “Using a simple handheld tool, farmers can replace a worn or damaged knife in only a few seconds. In addition, Zero Series MoCos utilize a field-proven John Deere low-profile cutterbar, and large, reliable shear-hub-protected drive gears with a single oil-check location.”

Hay studies have proven wider windrows expose more cut crop for improved drying times. With that in mind, forming vanes, previously offered as an optional Wide Swath Kit attachment, are now base equipment on John Deere MoCos from 3 to 4 meters wide and increase their ability to spread crop up to 25% wider than a similar machine without the vanes. The C400 can be adjusted to create windrows up to 130 inches wide.

With a cut width of 5 meters, the John Deere C500 is 10% wider than the previous 956 MoCo.

When ordering a new Zero Series MoCo, customers can choose from four field-proven conditioning options to match their preference to the crop being harvested. Choices include the impeller, an economical solution for cutting grasses and grass/legume mixes; a urethane roll conditioner for cutting thicker stemmed grasses and leafy crops such as alfalfa or clover, cane or legumes; or steel V-10 or Tri-Lobe roll conditioners that provide added durability.

A new drawbar swivel hitch is also available on 3- and 4-meter Zero Series MoCos providing improved maneuverability and ease of transport compared to standard clevis and equal angle hitches. The swivel hitch allows for greater than 90-degree turning without chatter, noise, or damage to the driveline. Depending on the model there are four hitch options to choose from – clevis for side-pull machines, equal angle, drawbar swivel, and rockshaft swivel. The 4-meter and larger center-pivot MoCos are offered exclusively with swivel hitches.

All Zero Series MoCos include an extended 5-year cutterbar warranty that covers parts and labor to help keep the cost of operation low. For more information, visit your local John Deere dealer or

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