Deere Launches W170 Windrower, Draper Heads For Canola Growers


Source: John Deere news release

Deere says the cab on the W170 is 6-inches wider and is quieter and more comfortable than previous models.

To meet the demands of small grain customers growing high-yielding canola varieties, John Deere introduces its smart, powerful W170 Windrower and a wide range of draper headers to make swathing faster and easier in heavy crop and hilly conditions.

“During benchmarking studies in heavy crop conditions, the W170 Windrower showed an impressive 20 percent productivity gain,” Nick McKelvey, John Deere marketing manager for windrowers, says.

John Deere is targeting small grain customers growing high-yielding canola varieties with its new W170 Windrower.

“With 46 inches (116.8 cm) of ground clearance and 12-inch (30.48 cm) wider walking beams, tall windrows can flow easily beneath the machine’s frame and are corralled by a new swath compressor. The swath compressor forms loose crop into a tight, uniform windrow, making it easier for a combine to pick up, eliminating the need for a canola roller,” said McKelvey.

Part of the productivity gain realized by the W170 can be attributed to its proven John Deere 4.5L engine that produces 12 percent more horsepower than its W155 predecessor. The engine is paired with a higher-capacity variable-speed fan that can be reversed, making it easier for operators to clean. At 27.3 mph (43.9 kph), the W170 has the fastest transport speed in the industry to quickly move operators from field to field.

Seven draper headers in 15- to 45-foot widths are available for the W170, including the 1435D shown here.

For even more productivity gains, McKelvey says producers can equip the windrower with John Deere AutoTracTM guidance. “Using AutoTrac, customers can harvest more comfortably and more accurately. AutoTrac also reduces operator fatigue, saves fuel by reducing overlap, and helps customers swath more acres in less time,” says McKelvey.

Seven draper headers are available in 15- to 45-foot (4.57 to 13.72 m) widths and provide improved access to the end shield. The 30- to 45-foot (9.14 to 13.72 m) drapers have belts that are 8 inches (20.3 cm) deeper and provide 30 percent more capacity than previous belts, giving operators the ability to swath faster in high-yielding canola fields. The new draper models include the 1415D, 1420D, 1425D, 1430D, 1435D, 1440D and 1445D.

The W170 is powered by a John Deere 4.5L engine that produces 12 percent more horsepower than its W155 predecessor.

Programmable one-touch return buttons simplify header height control, tilt, knife speed and reel operation. A belt slip warning helps operators stay ahead of potential problems like plugging. Single side hydraulic hookups make connecting or removing the header easier when it’s time to move to the next field or to change crops.

“A 6-inch (15.2 cm) wider cab is quieter and more comfortable than previous models,” says McKelvey. “Two trim levels for the cab are available and include a leather seat and telescoping steering. For working at night, the new W170 Windrower has eight LED lights that provide outstanding 360-degree visibility.”

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