DEKALB To Introduce 23 New Corn Products For 2021


The DEKALB brand offers farmers a robust lineup of new corn products for 2021, incorporating exclusive genetics and strong agronomic traits to provide consistent performance and high yield potential that farmers can experience all season long.

A total of 23 new DEKALB products will be available across all maturity groups. They were developed through the brand’s innovative breeding program based on diverse, industry-leading global germplasm. “Every DEKALB product we offer is designed to help farmers enhance profitability and realize a future of performance across their fields,” said brand manager Kathleen McKittrick.

She noted that the 2021 new product lineup also provides the strong agronomic traits farmers have come to expect from DEKALB, featuring standability, drought tolerance and disease resistance.

McKittrick said the 2021 national lineup includes 17 DEKALB Disease Shield products in the 93- to 120-day RM geographies. These products offer proven protection against the five most yield-robbing corn diseases without sacrificing yield potential. Those inlude anthracnose stalk rot, Goss’s wilt, gray leaf spot, northern corn leaf blight and, in certain maturities, southern rust.

All new and many other top-performing DEKALB products seamlessly integrate Acceleron Seed Applied Solutions ELITE with Enhanced Disease Control (EDC) at no additional cost to the farmer. This advanced seed treatment is designed to improve and extend early- to mid-season disease control by reducing infections from pathogens.

DEKALB 2021 Corn Silage Lineup
The DEKALB brand portfolio includes 35 corn silage products for 2021 to help dairy farmers increase milk production and herd productivity. The lineup includes a wide variety of superior products across the 80 to 120 RM geographies bred for silage performance and flexibility.

Included is a category of Silage Proven products. McKittrick said products classified as Silage Proven meet a high standard of nutritional value of milk per ton and milk per acre and percentage starch.

“These products offer outstanding digestibility, nutritional quality and high-tonnage potential,” she said. “They are developed and grown in the top dairy-producing regions and hand-selected from the breeding pipeline as the best silage products in our lineup to deliver maximum milk production.”

For additional information, farmers can contact their DEKALB Asgrow brand dealer or visit or