DTN And Gro Intelligence Release 2022 National Corn And Soybean Yield estimates


Source: DTN news release

DTN and Gro Intelligence, which have partnered on the fiŌh annual Digital Yield Tour, released 2022 projections on
Monday for corn and soybean production across the entire United States.

The national average for corn yield is projected to be 167.2 bushels per acre. Soybeans are expected to yield 48.9
bushels per acre nationally.

Corn and soybean yield estimates are based on Gro Intelligence’s real-time forecasting models combined with on-the-ground assessments from farmers gathered by DTN’s team of editors. The national estimates reflect weather
conditions that have varied widely in key U.S. farming regions in 2022. In some parts of the country, farmers
delayed planting because of a cold, wet spring only to experience little rain and scorching temperatures once crops
were in the ground. Some states, however, have had a much more favorable environment for growing corn and
soybeans this year.

Gro Intelligence updates its models daily, meaning yield projections could improve if weather conditions cooperate
for the balance of the growing season.

Unlike traditional crop tours, which pull random samples from fields, Gro Intelligence encompasses data from every
county in the Corn Belt and relies on more than simple averages and statistical extrapolations to generate

Learn more about how the projections by visiting DTNPF.com.

Over the next four days, DTN will publish corn and soybean average yield projections for 10 states on the following

Tuesday, Aug. 9 – Ohio, Indiana, Illinois
Wednesday, Aug. 10 – Iowa, Nebraska Wisconsin
Thursday, Aug. 11 – Kansas, Missouri
Friday, Aug. 12 – South Dakota, Minnesota

Each afternoon this week, turn to DTNPF.com to read Gro Intelligence’s state-by-state projections along with
commentary from DTN weather and markets experts and Gro’s analysts. You can also watch videos recorded by
DTN editors as they visited key corn- and soybean-producing states.

The final day of the 2022 Digital Yield Tour coincides with Friday’s newest yield predictions from USDA.

To interview DTN Editor-in-Chief Greg Horstmeier about the Digital Yield Tour, contact Kylie Swanson at

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