EP. 33 – 4-Time National Corn Yield Contest Record Holder David Hula’s Winning Formula


Along the banks of the James River in Virginia, David Hula is harvesting some real bin-busters.

The NCGA National Corn Yield Contest is an annual tradition that dates back to 1965.

But in that time, no one has had quite the sustained success as Charles City, Virginia’s David Hula, who has won the contest with record-setting yields on four separate occasions.

In this episode, we talk to David about his formula for success, which includes a combination of precisely-targeted fertilizer applications and a blend of strip-till and no-till.

Plus, we discuss the unique environmental challenges he faces as he works tirelessly to preserve water quality in the Chesapeake Bay watershed, and how his farm traces its historic roots back to a time when growers planted a dead catfish with their corn seed.