Farm Bureau Urges President Biden To Increase Domestic Energy Production


American Farm Bureau Federation President Zippy Duvall sent a letter today to President Joe Biden asking him to take the necessary steps to address high energy costs impacting all Americans. Over the past 15 months, oil prices have increased by 130% to more than $120 per barrel.

President Duvall wrote, “As Russia’s harmful actions in Ukraine continue and further sanctions are imposed against Russia, oil prices will likely continue to rise, creating even higher consumer costs and threatening U.S. energy and economic security.”

AFBF is asking the administration to remove barriers to domestic energy production including increasing the production of biofuels, which have reduced America’s dependence on foreign crude oil while creating jobs in rural America.

“By displacing imported petroleum, increased biofuel use and domestic energy production will enhance U.S. security and independence while supporting America’s farmers and rural economies,” President Duvall wrote.

Achieving domestic energy independence through comprehensive energy sources remains a priority issue for Farm Bureau. AFBF is committed to working with the administration and leaders in Congress to address the energy crisis.

Read the full letter here.