Farm Market iD Releases API To Provide Agribusiness Real-Time Access To Grower, Crop And Field Data


arm Market iD (FMiD) announced today that it is making its data accessible to clients in real-time through the launch of its new API (application programming interface).

In recent years, Farm Market iD has been focused on delivering cutting-edge technology to complement its market-leading farm, farmer and crop database and this is the latest example. The API launch empowers developers with the ability to integrate the Farm Market iD data into their applications and systems in a nimble way.

Now, agribusinesses do not have to manage and maintain the farm, farmer, crop and farm field data. They can simply integrate various Farm Market iD data, creating automation, efficiency and a higher quality user experience for their applications and systems.

Using API in your Business
Many agribusinesses struggle with consolidating grower, marketing and agronomic data from multiple sources. The FMiD API can help companies integrate and access the information they need, when and where they need it in seconds.

“Our clients have asked us for the last few years to build an API, but with the vast amounts of data we have and the various ways it can be used, it has been a significant undertaking,” said Steve Rao, CEO of Farm Market iD. “Our API launch is just the beginning as we will be adding additional data and capabilities in the coming months. But right now, this launch represents a robust set of possibilities that developers can use in new and creative ways to get exactly the data they need, when and how they need it. We call it ‘data at the speed of need’.”

The Farm Market iD API allows agribusinesses to bring data directly into their business processes:

Getting Started Is Easy
To get started, Farm Market iD has created a sandbox environment where any developer can access and test the various capabilities of FMiD’s API framework. Even better, Agribusinesses can test and develop using Farm Market iD’s APIs at no cost. Integration is simple and utilizes REST (Representational State Transfer) API architecture which provides the most flexible, scalable and portable approach to APIs. We have complete documentation on our website.

Here are a few examples of the types of data available from the Farm Market iD database through the API:
• Grower Information. Get details for specific growers, including name, address, city, state, zip, phone number, email, gender, owner vs. operator status, and more.

• Grower Matching. Send FMiD the contact information for your existing customer or prospect and FMiD will return the best match for that grower in our database.

• Land by Grower. Get all the land owned and operated by a specific grower.

• Crop Details. Get crop information for both specific growers and specific pieces of land, segmentable by crop year(s).

• Crop Rotation. Get crop rotation information for a given piece of land.

• Grain Bins by Land. Get the grain bins connected to a specific piece of land.

The API can be integrated into farm and grower data directly into your web, desktop and mobile applications for detailed, real-time insights on growers, fields and farm operations. To learn more about the Farm Market iD API, visit:

“I encourage agribusinesses to test out our API and see how it can improve the user experience, efficiency, and effectiveness of their AgTech, CRM, Point-of-Sale, Digital Farming or other applications,” said Rao. “Technology adoption depends on an easy and intuitive user experience, and our API can greatly enhance the experience by eliminating the need for users to do a lot of manual data entry, saving valuable time and effort.”

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