Farmers National Co. On Who Is Buying Farmland Today?


Source: by Randy Dickhut, Farmers National Co.

I quite often get the question of who is buying farmland in today’s market. Many come with the idea that it is “corporate” or investment funds who are buying up everything. Others believe it is only “big” farmers buying farmland.

It is actually a wide variety of farmers who are buying the biggest percentage of cropland that comes up for sale, but it will vary by state and region.

Some grainbelt states have restrictions on corporate and foreign ownership of farmland which somewhat changes the makeup up of who is buying in that state. Below is an example taken from 2019 that demonstrates the differences between a state like Illinois that has open ownership laws and Missouri or Iowa that have restrictions. Fast forward to 2021 and the percentages would be similar with a slight increase in the farmer buyer. Investor buyers are typically individuals.