Farmers Risk Releases New Commodity Trading Tool That Promises To Revolutionize Grain Marketing


Today, Farmers Risk ushers in the next generation of tools for farmers through their trade execution tool.

Originally founded in 2021, Farmers Risk is a platform that helps growers track their current financial position and profitability. With today’s product launch announcement, farmers on the platform will not only be able to track their financial position and risk portfolio, but they can now also actively trade futures and options through their own account, with a small convenience fee of $10 per turn.

“We believe Farmers Risk is THE solution to empower grain farmers to track, manage, and execute their risk management strategies. Farming is hard enough and the tools should not add to the complexity. We believe that farmers need simple solutions to help solve complex problems.” says CEO Dakota Hoben.

The web based application includes a free profitability tracking tool for farmers, regardless of size, and allows them to track insurance levels, sold bushels, and bushels hedged. The new trading tool will allow all farmers to trade futures and options and see the impacts of their decisions on their overall risk. In addition farmers who are already working with a broker can integrate their brokerage account and aggregate their farm risk data in one convenient location.

“We’ve worked incredibly hard to get our product to where it is today. We truly feel that the technical foundation and capabilities that we’ve established within Farmers Risk will continue to speed our innovation cycles and deliver increasingly delightful experiences to our customers” says Eric Barnard, CTO & Co-Founder. “The team we’ve built over the past year impresses me everyday, and I couldn’t be more excited about this milestone in our journey” he adds.

Farmers who grow corn, soybeans, or wheat are encouraged to sign up for a free account at to start aggregating their farm risk portfolio.

About Farmers Risk

Farmers Risk was launched in 2021 by Dakota Hoben and Eric Barnard, CTO, to put farmers back in the driver’s seat. Both Barnard and Hoben grew up on family farms, and have worked in the ag tech industry and saw needs that were not being addressed in the industry so they set out on a mission to change that.

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