FBN Launches HedgeCommand, Personalized Grain Marketing App


armers Business NetworkSM(FBN), the independent farmer-to-farmer network, today announced the launch of HedgeCommand, a grain marketing system that uses data science and economic analysis to generate truly personalized pricing recommendations for members.

HedgeCommand is the result of a multi-year research and development program that set out to put financial decision-making technology at the fingertips of farmers in support of crop marketing.

While other grain marketing apps look backward at the sales a producer has already made, HedgeCommand looks to the future, dynamically assigning probabilities to different price and yield outcomes to give producers a holistic picture of expected profitability.

“When we started in the grain marketing space, we were surprised to realize that despite the tremendous amount of technology that’s transformed nearly every other aspect of farming, most growers were still rolling the dice with their marketing,” said Satish Nandapurkar, VP of Product Strategy at FBN. “We built HedgeCommand to bring the same level of scientific rigor to grain marketing that producers already apply to their agronomy.”

HedgeCommand’s core technology makes it unique, helping farmers to answer three questions:
• Where am I today? HedgeCommand pulls together cash sales, futures and options, and crop insurance, to give a comprehensive picture of expected profitability and risk of loss.
• Where should I be? Farmers can test different scenarios – following the FBN Analyst view, or their own bullish or bearish view, to see how the next trade ripples might impact profitability and loss.
• How do I get there? HedgeCommand generates personalized recommendations – including when to sell, how much to sell, and what type of contract – and automatically notifies the farmer every time the system has a new recommendation.

HedgeCommand is a game-changing tool for farmers who want a more analytical approach to their marketing strategies. Chris Clifford, an FBN Market Advisory member in Nebraska, is an early user:

“HedgeCommand gives me a simple way to see my current sales position and what I should be considering based on the current market,” says Chris. “I can easily change my market viewpoint, which then instantly shows me recommendations of possible sales. It is now my quick, daily check to keep up on my position.”

HedgeCommand is exclusively available to members of the FBN Market Advisory program, accessible inside the FBN mobile app. Farmers in the FBN Market Advisory program get access to FBN’s Market Intelligence (including daily emails, podcasts, and text alerts), technology (including HedgeCommand), and a team of Crop Marketing Advisors.

Learn more about HedgeCommand at https://use.fbn.com/hedgecommand.